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Mrs. Marla Vande Kamp


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Position at Unity:I'm writing a non-traditional resume, probably because I am a non-traditional staff member. My duties include "everything that needs to be done". My busyness is controlled most days by the schedule for the day, how many times the phone rings, and how many students stop by. And that is also what makes my job fun. I began my 40th year at this job on April 1, 2016 - imagine the alumni I should remember names of! (‘Should” being the key word!!)

I began job sharing with Laura Malenke a few years ago- it is a wonderful arrangement - she normally works two days a week and I work three. We enjoy very flexible schedules of work, so that we can go to visit family and friends and the "other" secretary does the work. 

Childhood and Family Background:I'm a "local yokel", being born and raised on a farm west of Orange City. I attend the 1st CRC in Orange City.
I have two grown children—a son and his wife who live in Sioux Falls, SD; and a daughter and her husband who live in Ripon, CA. I have six grandchildren and three “married-in” grandchildren - three grandchildren are graduated from college, two are seniors in college, and one is a junior in high school.

Life Outside of Unity: Another great part of my job is my "time off". I usually go to California in October, mid-winter and spend someAnother great part of my job is my "time off". I usually go to California in October, mid-winter and spend some time with them in July. l spend lots of evenings going to Sioux Falls to watch activities.
I am a beach bum! Working only mornings during the summer months is the best! In the afternoons when it's warm and sunny, you can find me at the pool, Paullina, or Lake Okoboji. When I'm in CA, I love to go to the ocean to play in the waves and enjoy the beach.
I do some alterations. I like to play cards, go out to eat, read, do stitchery, play piano, listen to Christian contemporary music, do yard work and try to raise flowers, and sometimes I like to sit in my Laz-y-boy and "just veg".
I'm often introduced as Unity's "mom" - I am - the kids and I laugh together, cry together, pray together, I sometimes discipline (in love), I can give hugs (even to boys, cause I'm old enough!) for any reason or no reason. They all know I'm old enough to be their grandma, but they don't seem to mind!
God has given me a very special place here with very special faculty and students. It's such a joy to get to know each student and attend lots of their activities. Praise the Lord for His gift of love that we can share with others!

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