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Mr. Mark Kauk

Anatomy and Physiology, Physical Science, Physics, Cross Country, Track

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Position at Unity:I teach Physical Science (Freshmen), Physics (Juniors & Seniors), and Anatomy and Physiology ( Seniors). I am the head girls cross country coach in the fall and head girls track coach in the spring.


Professional and Educational Background: I graduated from Dordt College in 1976 with a major in mathematics and a double minor in physics and physical education. I began my teaching career at Unity and have completed 40 years of teaching and coaching. It has been a great experience! During this time I have also completed a Master of Science degree in Human Performance from Iowa State University. Over the years I have taught a variety of math and science courses from freshman through seniors.


Childhood and Family Background: I grew up in Nebraska on a farm and attended grade school and high school at Sutton Public Schools. I became acquainted with Christian day school education after I started attending Dordt College. I was married to JoEllen Visser Poel until the summer of 2009 when she died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. I have four children, Nathan Poel, Dan Poel (Randa), David Poel (Briana) and Trevor Kauk. 


Church Life: I am a member of Immanuel Christian Reformed Church in Orange City. My heartfelt desire is for the church in our community to demonstrate the love of Christ in the ordinary things of life so that others may share in the grace of salvation from sin and a renewed life of service to God and to others.


Life Outside of Unity:   My family is a wonderful gift and I enjoy celebrating life with them as a Dad and traveling to see them. I recently have been blessed with two grandchildren. I also enjoy reading inspirational material and discipling others to love the Lord Jesus Christ. Running provides me with chance to exercise and enjoy the outdoors and I enjoy coaching girls cross country and girls track at Unity.


Why I Teach at Unity: My goal in life is to bring honor to God through serving Him and other people around me. I try to do this by sharing how God is working in my life and by reflecting the character of Christ in my daily life. God made each of us for His purpose. I enjoy serving God at school by spending time with young people during a time of their life when they are making important life decisions about their direction in life. I want them to have a living relationship with God and discover His purpose for their lives. I also want them to see the purpose and design of creation through my teaching as a testimony to a living and personal God.

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