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Mr. Larry Wielenga

Life and Ministry of Christ, Church and Missions, Perspectives, Theology

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Position at Unity: I teach Life and Ministry of Christ/The Life and Ministry of Christ, Junior and Senior level Bible classes that consist of Perspective Classes and Theology Classes. I teach an elective class entitled The Church and Its Mission. I also help coordinate the Living Group and Chapel programs at Unity.

Professional and Educational Background: I graduated from Dordt College in 1975 with a B.A. in Business Administration and Worked for five years as a sales manager for a manufacturing firm. I then returned to Dordt for a year to pick up my Business Education degree and as many Theology classes I could take in addition to those previously taken. I took the teaching position at Unity in 1981 teaching some Business classes and some Bible classes. I have coached in a variety of the girls athletic programs here at Unity during my tenure. I have been involved in a graduate program at Liberty University for a number of years working towards a double Masters Degree in Counseling and Theology. I have also taken Theology classes at Reformed Bible College in Grand Rapids.

Childhood and Family Background: I was born and raised on a farm near Boyden, Iowa. I attended Hull Christian School and graduated from Western Christian High in 1971. My wife and I met at the Baptismal Fount at First CRC in Hull where we were baptized together and held our relationship as a secret until we were both seniors at Western and began to officially date. We married four years later after attending different colleges. We lived in Le Mars, Ia for part of my time as a sales representative while my wife Lou attended graduate school at U.S.D. She is currently teaching at Dordt College and Northwestern College in their music programs. We were blessed with two great kids named Dawn and Rachel. Dawn is currently starting her first year of teaching at Hope Academy in Minneapolis and Rachel is married and living in Phoenix working at a Christian radio station.

Church Life: Our family has been members of the First CRC in Hull all our lives. We have appreciated watching the Church grow and sharing in that growth over the years. I have been active as a deacon and elder and love to sing in the choir. I have enjoyed teaching Catechism many years and have been invovled on many challenging committees. My wife has been an organist for 30 years in our church and enjoys serving on the worship committee and planning services.

Life Outside of Unity: Outside of school I enjoy reading theology and writing material for youth programs. My family loves to spend time at Lake Okoboji in the summer and we have enjoyed summer mission work programs in different places. We enjoy spending time with family and exploring the U.S. I love to work with wood and have a wood shop in my garage. I work construction in the summers building and remodeling homes.

Why I Teach at Unity: I was privileged to be called into teaching at Unity after experiencing a deep love for youth work in my church. In my own faith and life I have learned and expereienced the grace of God in so many ways and have a sincere desire to share my knowledge and love for the Lord with young people who love Him and those who are searching to understand themselves and God. What a calling to be able to share the truths of God on a day to day basis and grow with my students in the knowlege and fear of God. Unity is a great place to see God at work.

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