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Mrs. Luanne Goslinga

American Literature, Communications II

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Position at Unity: I teach American Literature and Communications II.


Professional and Educational Background: In 1993 I graduated from Dordt College with a BA in English, secondary education. I then taught Freshman English and American Literature at Unity Christian from 1993-2005.


Childhood and Family Background: I was raised in Hawthorne, New Jersey, just 13 miles outside New York City. Born seven years after the last of my four siblings, some might call me an "oops baby". (I prefer "special surprise"). I graduated from Eastern Christian High School where my father taught history and political science and my mother was the librarian. In 1996 I married Dave Goslinga--a nice Orange City boy. Dave is part-owner of Bouma and Co. We live in Sioux Center in a house built for us by several Unity staff members on their summer vacation, and are blessed with three trouble makers: Micah (15), Austen (13) and Annika11). I'm also a proud grandma to 2 little cuties. (I know you can't believe a woman this young and spry looking is a grandma!)


Church Life: Our family currently attends Covenant CRC in Sioux Center.


Life Outside of Unity: I would love to tell you that when I'm not teaching I enjoy a plethora of activities such as golfing or training for marathons; however, my "hobby" right now is watching my kids do their hobbies (Also, I hate exercising). I do enjoy watching movies and reading. In fact, I am such a Jane Austen fan that I named one of my daughters after her. I have been a member of two wonderful Bible studies for many years, and my husband and I have a blast with our card club--which, strangely, rarely involves playing cards, but does entail a lot of eating. I am on a short list for Most Boring Woman on the Planet and am probably the last American not on Facebook.


Why I Teach at Unity: I have had a wonderful symbiotic relationship with Unity Christian over the years. Unity offered me my first teaching position, and allowed me to go part-time when I had my first child. Seven years after my "retirement" my kids were all in school full-time and they hired me again! I feel very blessed to study literature and film with the students at Unity. Humanity has always had a powerful connection to storytelling (Jesus used them often in his parables). Christian education provides a unique opportunity to look at literature/film as a search for truth and meaning, to be inspired by a shared human experience and become more empathetic members of society. God is involved in "every square inch" of his creation. Students will continue to read and watch movies for the rest of their lives. It is important, therefore, to examine how to effectively take part in these aspects of God's created world from a Christian perspective.

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