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Mr. Henry Kramer

Advanced Mathematics, Calculus, Intro to Statistics

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Position at Unity: Advanced Mathematics, Calculus 152, and Statistics 113. Both Calculus 152, and Statistics 113 are for Unity and Dordt College credit.


Professional and Educational Background: I began my college education at Dordt and graduated from Calvin College with a major in mathematics and a minor in Business Administration. I have a master's degree in mathematics from the University of South Dakota and a Specialist in school administration from Minnesota State University. My teaching experiences include: two years at West Side Christian in Grand Rapids, where I taught Bible, math and science, three years as a math and physics teacher at Southwest Christian in Edgerton, MN, thirty-three years as the principal at Southwest Christian and fifteen years at Unity.


Childhood and Family Background: I was born in Orange City, went to OCCS and Western Christian High. I married Dee Wielenga and we have three children: Rachelle and Bob Wiersma, Sioux City, Tim and Pam Kramer, Sioux Center, and Christine and Craig Veurink, Eden Prairie, MN.


Church Life: Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Orange City.


Life Outside of Education: The following are a few of my volunteer experiences, President of District 8 of the MN State High School League, President of District 6 of CSI, Board of Trustees of Dordt College, Board of Directors of MN Independent School Forum, Elder at both the First CRC in Edgerton, MN and Calvary CRC in Orange City, IA. Dee and I enjoy walking, biking and traveling. I also enjoy playing tennis.


Why I Teach at Unity: Mathematics is one of God's great gifts given to us to use, enjoy and praise him. I am privileged to teach math. I want students to understand mathematical concepts. Also I want students to appreciate the esthetic aspects of math and to see that God created many things with a numerical component. Mathematics also serves the sciences and business.


The Nature and Value of Mathematics: Mathematics is a theoretical discipline. People all over the world have developed mathematics over thousands of years. All ancient peoples have worked with numbers and measurement. This is not due to human ingenuity, but is a consequence of how God designed the universe. Everywhere you look, mathematical features are there to be explored. God built into creation a rich diversity of numerical and spatial relations with beautiful mathematical patterns. Mathematics attempts to uncover and formulate the laws that govern the creation. It's roots reach back to the work of Pythagoras, Euclid, and others who developed geometry and number theory. During the Scientific Revolution, Galileo, Descartes, and Newton discovered new areas of mathematics to go hand-in-hand with physics. Mathematics has contributed much to the understanding of dynamics, electricity, magnetism and optics. Mathematics is abundantly present in the world around us. The rise of computer science and the spread of computational technology have given some people the mistaken notion that a mathematics education is less important today than it was in the past. Now calculators and computers perform the calculations we once did by hand. If mathematics were mere rote arithmetic, this might be true. But life today requires us to make sense of the numbers and graphs that are bombarding us. Calculators and computers allow us to operate on a higher thinking level without getting bogged down in computational details. Learning mathematics is increasingly important for an ever-widening range of vocational opportunities; a meager grounding in mathematics limits students' career options and puts them at a decided disadvantage in their work. Designing a curriculum to meet a broad range of contemporary needs is the goal of mathematics educators at all levels. Through mathematics we want students to see God as the great Creator-designer of the Universe, understand the orderliness of Creation, and sense the beauty of mathematics in the Creation.

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