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Be a Unity Booster!!


Cross Country, Football, Volleyball Apparel

Booster Club Membership List
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You’re invited...to be a part of the Unity Christian Boosters!

Our purpose... is to boost the extra-curricular program so that we can eliminate the need for each program having a fund raiser.


Booster Club supports:


Our activities include:

Golf Tournament
Football Game Tailgate Meals
Pizza or Taco Buffet
Promotional Apparel Items
Concession Stand

Last year we contributed to these activities...

Summer Conditioning Coach

Weight room equipment

HUDL (all sports video) annual fee Van fund

Softball jerseys

Dance team fees, lights

TAG/Quiz Bowl/JETS/Math competitions

FFA start up fees & ag program needs

Sound shells--4


Knight Center sound equipment


Ggame club games

RSC memberships--Eliptical/treadmill use

Projector/camera--Knight Center broadcasts

Booster Club Officers

Al & Jolene Bandstra

Frank & Cipa Bulk

Rob & Diane Krommendyk

Mark & Nancy Turek

Bruce & Jane Vanden Brink

Ryan & Valorie Zonnefeld

Booster Club Finance

Melanie Van Grouw

Booster Club Fodd Supplies

Nelva Huitink

Booster Club Apparel Committee

Kevin and Carma Louwerse

Marlin & Leah Schoonhoven

Our Need...You...we need you as a member. $35.00 will help support these many events. Unity Christian High School requires all parents to volunteer at one or two events. Come join us!!


Be a Unity Booster...
The cost is minimal and the benefits are far-reaching!!





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