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Living Groups


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God has blessed Unity with a wealth of gifts and gifted people! We recognize that God's good gifts are never to be buried but rather be nurtured into fruitful living. Living Groups is one avenue of that nurture at Unity. It is an avenue in which students who sense God's calling to and gifts for leadership can learn and experience God's mission for us as disciples and disciplers.


The Living Group Program at Unity has three main goals:

  • Provide an opportunity and environment for faith nurture and growth.
  • Provide an opportunity and environment for building school unity across the classes.
  • Provide an opportunity and environment for student leadership and leadership mentoring.

The structure of the program is organized around the division of the student body into groups of approximately 9 to 11 students (2 or three from each class) with two student leaders (Junior or Senior) and a faculty mentor. Two groups are joined together as sister groups for particular activities and support in leadership mentoring and group functions.


The groups' function on a regular basis for the purpose of sharing God's challenges and God's joys within the daily lives of the community called Unity. On a larger scale, there are longer term projects and activities through which we seek to share God's gracious gifts with the community at large and the world. We are on a journey to be more completely and more conscientiously the body of Christ in the world!

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