Unity Christian High School

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Academic Offerings


Freshmen Year

Required Courses


Fine Arts Course

Math Course

English I
Physical Science

World History

*Old Testament Covenant

*Technical Communication

General Math / Business Math / Math Applications


Algebra I

Geometry +



+ You must test out of Algebra I



Symphonic Band


Spanish I

*Introduction to Art

Agriculture Science

*Technology Leadership

Sophomore Year

Required Courses

Electives (Plus all Fr. Electives)

Math Course

English II

*Life and Ministry of Christ
*World Cultures

Algebra II

Applied Geometry

*Drawing and Painting


Spanish II

Concert Choir

*Computer Assisted Drafting

*Consumer Economics

*Technology Mentor

*Agriculture Mechanics

*Advanced Agriculture Science

Junior Year

Required Courses

Electives (Plus all Fr. and So. Electives)

Math Course
Science Course

U.S. History

*Biblical Theology / Perspectives
*American Literature

*Communications I




*Advanced Math

*Advanced Drawing and Painting


*Visual Design Arts

Spanish III


*Introduction to Theater

*College Statistics (c)

*Agriculture Business




Applied Science




*Robot Programming

*Pathway to Leadership

*Agriculture Mechanics II

*Calculus (c)

*Wildlife & Natural Resources

Senior Year

Required Courses

Electives (Plus all Fr., So. and Jr. Electives)

*2 English Courses

*American Politics
*Biblical Theology / Perspectives


* One semester offerings


*Art Independent Study

*Christian Marriage and Family

*Communications II

*College Composition


(c) Concurrent Enrollment Offerings


Adv. Spanish

Anatomy & Physiology (c)

*Current American History

Also available to all students: Learning Strategies, Study Skills, Peer Tutoring, Enrichment Programs, and Off Campus Classes


These units are required for graduation: 3 1/2 Social Studies, 4 English, 2 Bible, 3 Math, 3 Science, 2 Physical Education, 1 Fine Arts, 1/2 Technical Communications- a total of 19 required courses. Five (5) electives must be completed to total 24 units. Completion of student portfolio/senior presentation is also required for graduation.


Recommended for college prep programs (minimum)

4 years of English
4 years of Social Studies

3-4 years of Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
3-4 years of Science (Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
2-3 years of Spanish (I and II)


Note: Students may only have one study hall per semester


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